High throughput composition screening for ambient fabrication of stable MA-free perovskite solar cells
CsFA is an attractive PSK for high performance and stability PSK builds, as this PSK is bandgap-tunable and stable under environmental stresses. To reduce the fabricating cost for commercializing perovskite solar cells (PSCs), ambient fabrication process needs to be developed to induce formation of high-quality PSK films under exposure of moisture. However, CsFA is still not popular to be fabricated in ambient-atmosphere. Enabling formation of the CsFA-PSKs in ambient, the composition needs to be carefully selected, which is suitable for fabrication environment and deposition process. Nevertheless, the effect of CsFA composition on PSK formation in ambient-air has not been systematically studied to determine proper CsFA composition for further fabricating high performance and stable PSC in ambient-air.
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