Measurement of temperature coefficients of perovskite mini-modules and perovskite/Si tandem mini-modules
Temperature coefficients for maximum power, open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current are essential parameters for any commercially available PV module. Since the perovskite and perovskite tandem devices are used more and more outdoors, the knowledge of their temperature coefficients is deemed necessary. The main target of this proposal is to measure the temperature coefficients of several perovskite single and perovskite/Si tandem at different degradation stages. In order to achieve this, several perovskite mini-modules at different degradation stages will be tested at different temperature conditions.
Status: Ongoing
Date of proposal: 28/08/2023
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Review 23
How would you describe your experience with the VIPERLAB opportunity? How did the experience/visit at AIT meet your expectations?
We had positive experience with AIT which met our expectations.
Did you face any difficulties during your visit or application process?
We didn’t have any difficulty during the application process.
Does this VIPERLAB experience at AIT bring you closer to your research objectives? How?
Our Viperlab experience at AIT brings us closer to our research objectives which is the inter-comparison of the temperature coefficients measured at AIT and UCY. Those measurements will assist in gaining confidence about the measurement capability of the infrastructure built at UCY.
What other VIPERLAB activities have you participated in, or would you like to participate in?
We have participated in the past in another Viperlab proposal with AIT which was dealing with the measurement and testing of perovskite samples.
Do you intend or already did publish/present your collected results in a paper or conference?
We are planning to present the results in a conference or paper. We will mention the financial support from Viperlab.