Understanding the crystal structure and morphology of dimethylammonium-incorporated mixed halide perovskite nanocrystals for stabilized red emission.
CsPbIxBr3-x nanocrystals show ideal bandgaps for application in light emitting diodes and displays with emission wavelengths lying within the Rec 2020 colour gamut. Furthermore, in contrast to the pure-iodide compositions that require high temperatures to form the perovskite phase, mixed-halides afford facile synthesis through ligand assisted reprecipitation (LARP) in ambient conditions. However, these materials are still plagued by phase separation under optical/electrical excitations of intensities typical in a working device. Here, we try to alloy the A-site with dimethylammonium (DMA) to improve the phase stability while retaining high photoluminescence quantum yields. Our preliminary work indicates definite enhancement in stability and by using HR-TEM, (S)TEM-EDX and SAED facilities at VIPERLAB, we aim to further image the resultant nanocrystals, understand their size and shape dependence as well as probe their crystal structures as a function of the extent of A-site alloying.
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Date of proposal: 31/05/2023
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