Fabrication of pin perovskite solar cells and modules. Characterization under outdoor and impedance spectroscopy measurements.
Our project aims at performing characterization experiments that would allow for a better understanding of the degradation pathways of perovskite solar cells and modules. The intention is to prepare samples of inverted perovskite solar cell with the ITO/NiO/perovskite/C60/BCP/Cu architecture, and minimodules following the same layer stack. These devices will be prepared at the TFPV infrastructure at imec. The final devices will be characterized by means of impedance spectroscopy measurements and outdoor degradation protocols.
Status: Ongoing
Date of proposal: 28/02/2023
Start date: 23/06/2012
End Date: 23/07/2015
Used Instruments: Blade coating equipment. Linear sputtering tool. Laser engraving setup. High-vacuum chamber for thermal evaporation. Glovebox for J-V curve measurements.
Experimental Technique: Blade coating. NiOx sputtering. Laser engraving. Thermal evaporation (LiF, C60, BCP, ITO). Current-Voltage (J-V) characterization.
Experiment Description: Fabrication of inverted (p-i-n) perovskite solar cells and modules. Use of NiOx as hole transport layer and self-assembled monolayers (SAMs). Blade coating of double cation perovskite solution. Thermal evaporation of LiF, C60, BCP, and ITO. J-V curve measurements to characterize solar cells and modules.
Type Samples: Inverted perovskite solar cells and modules. Glass/ITO substrates.
Sample Description: Perovskite solar cells with layer stack: ITO/NiOx/(SAMs)/Perovskite/LiF/C60/BCP/ITO. Mini modules consisting of 7 sub-cells connected in series.
Experiment Data Type: Photovoltaic parameters (JSC, VOC, FF, PCE) from J-V curves. Structural details of cells and modules.
Characterization Technics: J-V characterization inside a glovebox. Structural assessment of cells and modules.
Characterization Data Type: J-V curve data (efficiency, open-circuit voltage, short-circuit current, fill factor). Structural and compositional data of the solar cells and modules.
Analyzed Data: Impact of SAMs on VOC and overall device performance. Photovoltaic performance comparison between cells and modules with and without SAMs.
Main Targets Project: Fabrication and characterization of p-i-n perovskite solar cells and modules. Improvement of device efficiency and stability using SAMs and different fabrication techniques. Assessment of the impact of various layers and techniques on device performance.
Main Achievements Findings: Successful fabrication of p-i-n perovskite solar cells and modules. Improved VOC in devices using SAMs. Preparation of samples for further testing and characterization at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid.
Review 21
How would you describe your experience with the VIPERLAB opportunity? How did the visit at ThinFilm PV lab meet your expectations?
My experience with the VIPERLAB opportunity was extremely positive. The visit at ThinFilm PV lab for sure met my expectations, as I was delighted with the potential of the laboratory and the friendliness and helpfulness of the people
Did you face any difficulties during your visit or application process?
No, it was all fine. The application was easy to do, and the means they gave me for the visit were very valuable.
What other VIPERLAB activities have you participated in, or would you like to participate in?
This is my first experience with VIPERLAB, but I would but I would love to repeat a similar experience.
Does this VIPERLAB experience at ThinFilm PV lab bring you closer to your research objectives? How?
Absolutely! Having the opportunity to conduct specialized experiments and work with unique samples that are not available in my regular laboratory, it has made me gain knowledge and new perspectives that will help me during the development of my PhD
Did you publish or present your collected results in a paper or conference?
When the experiments with the samples that have been prepared during the visit are complete, I will consider publishing a paper or conference, but for the moment we have not finished all the experiments on this subject.