Stability testing of perovskite mini-modules
Stability testing of several perovskite mini-modules is expected to be implemented under the high-throughput aging system located at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin. The modules will be exposed under different irradiance and temperature levels in a cycled light-dark analysis. This procedure will mimic the outdoor testing and will demonstrate the performance trends at the different conditions. The measurements will extract also the diurnal efficiency degradation and performance recovery values. All the aging results will be compared to those collected outdoors at University of Cyprus (UCY).
Status: Ongoing
Date of proposal: 28/02/2023
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Review 20
How would you describe your experience with the VIPERLAB opportunity? How did the experience/visit at HZB meet your expectations?
We had positive experience with HZB which met partly our expectations.
Did you face any difficulties during your visit or application process?
We didnít have any difficulty during the application process.
Does this VIPERLAB experience at HZB bring you closer to your research objectives? How?
Unfortunately, this Viperlab experience didnít bring us closer to our research objectives. An error occurred during the implementation of stability measurements in some of our samples and this provided non-reliable results.
What other VIPERLAB activities have you participated in, or would you like to participate in?
We have participated in the past in other Viperlab proposals which were dealing with the measurement and testing of perovskite samples. We will participate again in the next Viperlab call for the testing of perovskites samples.
Do you intend or already did publish/present your collected results in a paper or conference?
We havenít decided yet if the measurement results will be published either in conference either in journal publications.