Fabrication of PSCs by R2R slot-die coating process under ambient atmosphere using green solvents
Perovskite solar cells are one of the most promising photovoltaic technologies, with an astonishing development within a very short time. The next step towards commercialization is to make this technology compatible with largescale production. One attractive method is the roll-to-roll (R2R) slot-die coating process, in which the active layers are continuously deposited on a large area flexible substrate, ideally under ambient atmosphere. However, the typical solvents used for the perovskite solution are toxic (e.g. DMF, NMP), which raises serious environmental and health concerns. At SAULE we are currently testing greener alternatives and our current best recipe for blade-coating deposition under ambient atmosphere is based on ACN, 2-ME and DMSO with ionic liquid additive, but ultimately it is intended to use only green solvents. The aim of this study is to transfer the already optimized perovskite blade-coating process to a R2R slot-die process, without losing perovskite quality.
Status: Ongoing
Date of proposal: 01/09/2022
Start date: 08/01/2023
End Date: 28/01/2023
Used Instruments: R2R slot-die coater. S2S slot-die coater. Solar simulator.
Experimental Technique: Roll-to-Roll (R2R) and Sheet-to-Sheet (S2S) slot-die coating processes. Use of green solvents in perovskite solar cell fabrication. Photovoltaic testing.
Experiment Description: The project aimed to fabricate high-quality perovskite films using R2R and S2S slot-die coating at room temperature in an ambient atmosphere. The process focused on high-speed coating (1 m/min) using only green solvents.
Type Samples: Perovskite solar cells fabricated using R2R and S2S processes.
Sample Description: Samples with various configurations including SnO2 and MAPbI3 layers, with carbon and gold electrodes.
Experiment Data Type: Photovoltaic properties of the cells (Efficiency, VOC, JSC, FF)
Characterization Technics: Photovoltaic performance measurements. Optimization of coating processes and formulations.
Characterization Data Type: Efficiency and performance data of perovskite solar cells. SnO2 and perovskite layer quality and composition.
Analyzed Data: Optimization results for SnO2 solution and deposition method. Efficiency and performance comparison for devices with different electrode materials.
Main Targets Project: To coat high-quality perovskite films using R2R and S2S slot-die coating with green solvents. To optimize the process parameters and formulations for efficient solar cell fabrication.
Main Achievements Findings: Initial optimization of SnO2 solution and deposition method using S2S slot-die coater. Transfer of optimized process to R2R. Fabrication of devices with carbon and gold electrodes. Challenges with wettability and coating quality, leading to a need for process re-optimization. Photovoltaic results indicating the need for further improvements in the process and materials used.