High-purity nanoparticles for Perovskite Solar Cells Performance enhancement
Various nano-particle have been shown to potentially improve the performance of Perovskite solar cells. The Nanoparticles are generally produced trough wet-chemistry process, which inevitably comes with impurities such as surfactants, emulsifiers, catalysts, etc. and besides is generally complex to interface with microfabrication production equipment. In this project, the Gas aggregation process will allow the generation of high-purity NPs by a purely physical synthesis: In this process, a metallic vapor is generated by sputtering in a large aggregation volume at moderate vacuum. Fraunhofer FEP pioneered the use of Gas-Flow-Sputtering (GFS) source for this process, enabling the production of NPs from virtually any metal, including ferromagnetic metals in relatively large quantity and over large area. This process is readily applicable industrially (TRL-4).
Status: Ongoing
Date of proposal: 31/08/2024
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