Preparation and characterization of sequentially evaporated (Cs,FA)Pb(I,Br)3 perovskite solar cells
We prepare sequentially evaporated (Cs,FA)Pb(I,Br)3 perovskite layers on an ITO/PTAA substrate. These samples are post-annealed at 100C to complete the interdiffusion and layer reaction. We aim to investigate the effect of different sequencing of the components FAI, CsI, PbI2 and PbBr2 on the interface reactions during processing and find advantageous interface species for cell preparation. These effects are scarcely studied. Our sequentially deposited perovskite layers will be processed to complete solar cells in a p-i-n structure in a VIPERLAB facility, where standard cell characterization will also be performed. The transport from our lab to the VIPERLAB facilities will be ensured in a nitrogen atmosphere. Wet-chemical reference cells will also be prepared.
Status: Ongoing
Date of proposal: 31/08/2022
Start date: 31/07/2023
End Date: 15/08/2023
Used Instruments: Solar simulator. Spin-coating tools. UV-Ozone and Oxygen plasma systems.
Experimental Technique: Wet-chemical spin-coating of perovskite layers. UV-Ozone and Oxygen plasma treatments for surface modification. J-V curve measurement for solar cell characterization.
Experiment Description: The project aimed at optimizing perovskite solar cell (PSC) fabrication, focusing on achieving homogeneous perovskite films and exploring different hole transport layers (HTLs) and surface treatments. Different methods, such as UV-Ozone and Oxygen plasma treatments, were tested to improve film homogeneity and solar cell performance.
Type Samples: Perovskite solar cells with various hole transport layers.
Sample Description: Samples with structures including ITO glass/PTAA/(Cs FA)PbI3/PCBM/BCP/Ag. Different HTLs like PTAA and PEDOT:PSS were tested.
Experiment Data Type: Solar cell parameters including JSC, VOC, FF, and PCE.
Characterization Technics: J-V curve measurement for solar cell efficiency evaluation. Spin-coating for perovskite layer deposition.
Characterization Data Type: Efficiency metrics of perovskite solar cells. Comparison of solar cell performance with different surface treatments and HTLs.
Analyzed Data: Optimization of perovskite layer homogeneity and solar cell performance. Effect of different HTLs and surface treatments on PSC performance.
Main Targets Project: Achieving homogenous perovskite films for improved solar cell performance. Investigating the impact of HTLs and surface treatments on PSCs.
Main Achievements Findings: Successfully achieved homogenous perovskite layers using different methods, including UV-Ozone treatment. Identified that surface treatments and choice of HTL significantly impact the homogeneity of perovskite films and solar cell performance. Best performing solar cell achieved around 11% PCE. Further investigations needed to optimize the parameters for achieving higher efficiencies.