Optoelectronic characterization of perovskite mini-modules
The proposed work aims to explore a novel approach for the measurements of the spectral response of mini-modules. The novel approach will utilize strip illumination so as to avoid the necessity of illuminating the whole device. In addition to this, measurement of the performance of several perovskite mini-modules will be conducted as part of an inter-comparison campaign between the host organization (AIT) and the University of Cyprus (UCY). Spatially-resolved techniques (Electroluminescence, Photoluminescence and Lock-In Thermography will be utilized for the characterization of the modules as well.
Status: Ongoing
Date of proposal: 26/08/2022
Start date: 14/11/2022
End Date: 16/11/2022
Used Instruments: TRI-SOL class AAA steady-state solar simulator Pulsed solar simulator. Spatially-resolved Electroluminescence (EL) and Photoluminescence (PL) setup. External Quantum Efficiency (EQE) setup by Bentham.
Experimental Technique: Performance measurements (IV-curves). EQE measurements. Spatially-resolved Electroluminescence (EL) and Photoluminescence (PL) imaging.
Experiment Description: The project aimed at optoelectronic characterization of several perovskite mini-modules at Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) as part of an inter-comparison campaign between AIT and University of Cyprus (UCY). This involved performance measurements, EQE testing, and spatially-resolved techniques for the characterization of the modules.
Type Samples: Perovskite mini-modules.
Sample Description: Not specifically detailed.
Experiment Data Type: Electrical parameters (Isc, Voc, Pmax, FF) from performance measurements. EQE results. Spatially-resolved EL and PL images.
Characterization Technics: IV collection. EQE measurements in solar cells and mini-modules. Spatially-resolved EL and PL imaging.
Characterization Data Type: Current-voltage characteristics of perovskite mini-modules. Spectral response and EQE data. EL and PL imaging for defect analysis.
Analyzed Data: Comparative performance analysis of perovskite mini-modules. Assessment of electrical and optoelectronic properties through various characterization techniques.
Main Targets Project: Optoelectronic characterization of perovskite mini-modules. Inter-comparison of measurement techniques between AIT and UCY.
Main Achievements Findings: Successful implementation of performance measurements (IV collection), EQE measurements, and spatially-resolved EL/PL measurements. Detailed analysis of perovskite mini-modules, highlighting their performance and identifying potential defects. The project met its main targets, providing valuable insights into the characterization and comparison of different perovskite modules.
Review 15
How would you describe your experience with the VIPERLAB opportunity? How did the experience/visit at AIT (ECH) meet your expectations?
Great experience. My visit at AIT was a positive experience and met my expectations.
Did you face any difficulties during your visit or application process?
No difficulties.
Does this VIPERLAB experience at AIT (ECH) bring you closer to your research objectives? How?
The testing and measurement of PV samples as a part of inter-comparison campaign between the host organization (AIT) and my institute (UCY) assisted in gaining confidence about the measurement capability of the infrastructure built at UCY.
What other VIPERLAB activities have you participated in, or would you like to participate in?
I have participated in another VIPERLAB activity with HZB (stability lab) regarding stability testing of perovskite mini-modules.
Do you intend or already did publish/present your collected results in a paper or conference?
We are planning to present the results in a conference or paper. We will mention the financial support from Viperlab.