Slot-die coating of PTAA and Perovskite film on plastic foils
Perovskite solar cells (PSCs) have already shown their potential to commercialize in the near future. However, more research focus on scalability and stability is required to accelerate a faster entry. Recently, the blade coating technique shows promising results in small area module fabrication in the laboratory. However, one main disadvantage is its incompatibility to scale with high throughput and yield. Therefore, this research focuses on optimizing PTAA (hole transport layer) and perovskite film by slot-die coating technique. We will utilize the p-i-n device configuration with a stack consisting PET/ITO/PTAA/Cs0.17FA0.83Pb(I0.9Br0.1)3/C60/BCP/Cu. Thereby the devices will perform with better stability and negligible hysteresis without using dopants for transport layers. Furthermore, fabricating on a flexible substrate provides an advantage in utilizing the roll-to-roll industry scale technique.
Status: Ongoing
Date of proposal: 31/05/2022
Start date: 17/07/2022
End Date: 06/08/2022
Used Instruments: Confocal microscope (Olympus Lext—3100) for morphology analysis. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) (TESCAN Analytics VEGA instrument). Class A sun simulator (ABET) under AM 1.5G 1 sun illumination conditions.
Experimental Technique: Slot-die coating of PTAA on plastic foils. Confocal microscopy and SEM for structural analysis. Solar cell performance testing using a sun simulator.
Experiment Description: The project focused on optimizing large area film formation of PTAA (hole transport layer) using the slot-die coating technique and IR/Oven for deposition and annealing steps. It aimed to enhance the scalability and stability of perovskite solar cells (PSCs).
Type Samples: PET foils with slot-die coated PTAA, used as substrates for perovskite solar cells.
Sample Description: PET foils of two different thicknesses (160 microns and 50 microns) with different sheet resistances of ITO.
Experiment Data Type: Performance parameters of the PSCs, including PCE, FF, Jsc, and Voc. Structural and morphological data from microscopy and SEM.
Characterization Technics: Confocal microscopy for morphology analysis SEM for structural analysis. I-V characteristics measurement under simulated sunlight.
Characterization Data Type: Photovoltaic parameters (PCE, FF, Jsc, Voc) of the devices. Morphological and structural characteristics of the films.
Analyzed Data: Effectiveness of slot-die coating for PTAA on different thicknesses of PET foils. Comparative performance analysis of devices fabricated on 160 microns and 50 microns PET foils.
Main Targets Project: Optimizing large area film formation of PTAA using slot-die coating for PSCs. Enhancing the scalability and stability of perovskite solar cells.
Main Achievements Findings: Successfully slot-die coated PTAA on larger area substrates. Improved wetting of perovskite on PTAA by pre-coating PFN-Br. Fabricated devices performed with a PCE of 16.3% on an active area of 0.1 cm2 and 12% on thinner foils. Higher current density observed in devices on 50-micron PET foils.