Flexible biosusbtrates for perovskite solar cells
Bio-substrates have been getting attention in the recent years, due to their attractive optical and gas barrier properties. Nanocellulose has the interesting of light scattering. This would elongate the pathlengths of incoming light in solar cells, giving the light a bigger opportunity to hit the active area. Also due to their flexibility they could be used in high production techniques such as roll-to-roll manufacturing. Moreover, they are easy to dispose at the end of the device lifetime making recyclability more attractive to venture capital. We would like to use our bio-substrates to fabricate flexible perovskite solar cells using the VIPERLAB facilities and characterize their electrical and gas barrier properties. NOTE: The system does not let me add more than one instrument in technical requirements, but we need CEA_WV_P, CEA_He_P and CEA_El_Ch
Status: Ongoing
Date of proposal: 28/02/2023
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