Spectral converting materials modified perovskite solar cells: Effect of light stress, damp heat and thermal cycling.
We are developing and studying the effect of spectral converting materials in perovskite solar cells to expand the utilization of solar spectrum. This will be conducted by Down conversion (DC) of UV-blue energy to the sub-bandgap energy of perovskite. The incorporation of these materials also affects device stability and therefore the critical lifetime assessment under defined protocol, i.e. applied stress tests of 1000 hours continuous illumination at one sun (light soak test) and 1000 hours exposure to a high humidity (relative humidity of 85 %) combined with exposure to a temperature of 85 oC (damp-heat test) is necessary to understand their role in improving lifetime of the modified devices. These stability tests in corroboration with other optoelectronic studies will help to understand and improve the efficacy of the DC materials.
Status: Ongoing
Date of proposal: 30/11/2021
Start date: 23/03/2022
End Date: 21/04/2022
Used Instruments: UV chamber. White light chamber. Various tools at iPV Stuttgart and IMEC for fabrication and testing of PSCs.
Experimental Technique: Characterization of perovskite solar cells (PSCs) under light stress (UV and white light). Use of down converting (DC) materials on PSCs.
Experiment Description: Study aimed at evaluating the long-term stability of PSCs under UV and white light stress. Testing included the use of DC materials to potentially improve PSC performance. Conducted in two separate visits, with initial harsh conditions leading to degradation, followed by milder conditions for a more detailed study.
Type Samples: Perovskite Solar Cells (PSCs).
Sample Description: A batch of 8 PSCs, including: Two reference cells Three cells coated with bare polymer. Three cells target-coated with DC doped polymer.
Experiment Data Type: Performance metrics (Jsc, PCE) of PSCs under different lighting conditions. Degradation patterns under UV and white light stress.
Characterization Technics: UV exposure testing. White light exposure testing. Performance measurement (PCE, Jsc) before and after exposure.
Characterization Data Type: Changes in solar cell performance due to light exposure. Comparative analysis of PSCs with and without DC materials.
Analyzed Data: Effectiveness of DC materials in improving PSC performance and stability. Comparison of degradation under different light stress conditions.
Main Targets Project: Assessing the long-term stability of PSCs under light stress. Evaluating the impact of DC materials on PSC performance and stability.
Main Achievements Findings: Initial results indicated severe degradation under harsh UV conditions. Ongoing studies under milder conditions to better understand degradation patterns. Potential marginal improvement in performance with the use of DC materials, with further modifications needed.